2000 `

October 2000
"e-revolution of Rental Properties Business "Publishes ( fourth book ).

May 2001
Publishes "e-revolution of Construction Sales" ( fifth book ).

November 2001
Publishes "Active Life of a 100-Year-Old" ( sixth book ).

March 2002
Token Corporation's stock is listed in the second sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange.

July 2002
"Token Leava Izumo Dantani Plant" is acquired based on an M&A plan.

September 2002
"Shanghai Tohan International Trading Co., Ltd." a local affiliate is established in Shanghai by Token Leava Co., Ltd.

November 2002
"NK Fukaya Plant" is acquired based on an M&A plan.

July 2003
Publication of The e-Revolution to Success ( seventh book ).

November 2003
Token Tado Country Club Nagoya becomes an accredited LPGA course.

March 2004
Publication of Building and Living in Earthquake-Resistant Homes ( eighth book ).

April 2004
Opening of Hotel Tado Onsen.

April 2005
"NAS Stainless Co., Ltd." is acquired by Token Leava Co., Ltd., a 100% owned subsidiary, based on an M&A plan.



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