Expert in trade names and names for good fortune

I became interested in the study of trade names and people's names when I was young. In the early days of my business career I was not very successful and misfortune kept occurring. A respected friend told me it might be because of my company's name so I started studying names by myself. I soon recognized how important names and trade names were and studied even harder.

There are some ways to judge good or bad names. I judge them based on the "Five Principles of Onomancy."

I believe that it is important to choose a trade name or name that satisfies the 1. meaning of the name, 2. yin-yang arrangement, 3. order of the top and bottom, 4. good location of five planets, 5. good number of strokes. As people say "names and nature often agree," a name expresses everything about a person's personality and fortune. Happy people, growing companies, and successful stores always have good names.

When good names are analyzed by onomacy, most of them match the Five Principles. I always name companies and products based on these principles. I also used the pen name "Kansui" to host a regular program for Tokai Radio instead of my real name "Minoru" for good luck.
* I was on the radio program "Knowledge of Trade Names" broadcasted by Tokai Radio for three years from 1980.

Five Principles of Onomancy
1. Meaning of a name

2. Good or bad number of strokes

3. Good or bad location of five planets

4. Order of the top and bottom

5. Ying-yang arrangement



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