A visionary in architecture with thephilosophy of harmonious coexistence

I was already interested in housing and architecture when I was a student. One of the reasons I started a construction business was that I always wanted to build dream-inspiring homes.

I started to seriously study architecture after I met the architect Kisho Kurokawa at a talk sponsored by a newspaper company in 1981. My company was building rental condominiums and apartments while trying to find the best way to incorporate the design of European Middle Age architecture into the Japanese lifestyle.

During the talk, I was impressed by Mr. Kurokawa's unique "idea of harmonious coexistence." His idea was the answer to our problem.

The idea of "coexistence" can be found in Buddhism. Mr. Kurokawa established an idea to fuse (integrate) the software of "coexistence" with the hardware of "architecture."

He recommended that I design buildings by taking advantage of both traditional European culture during the Middle Ages and modern Japanese culture-totally different cultures from different times in history.

Structures built based on this totally new concept had new added value. After this, I asked Mr. Kurokawa to be my company's design adviser and started a project called "Kansui Souda Design Office" in order to focus on studying architecture and developing related products.

I learned how truly important architecture is and how it greatly influences a town and its people. As long as I run this business, I want to be at the forefront of the creation of architecture.



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