A founder who learnt management from feudal warlord
He must have been wary about losing control in future battles by not punishing inferiors that disobeyed military commands and thought only of their own glory. Ieyasu prioritized the power of the group over the performance of the individual. His ability as a great leader is a great inspiration to me.

His philosophy can be applied to modern management. I learned how to be a model manager from studying his life. Ieyasu left a number of quotes such as "The world is for the people of the world.You must not think that the world belongs to you. Country and home are the same. Be aware that nothing can be accomplished by you alone."

Even though he was the most powerful person in Japan during his life, he knew that he did not own the world and he admonished himself not to be overconfident about his power. His profound principles should serve as a warning to governments, economies, societies, and the environment of today's modern world.
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