An advertising strategy specialist

Do you remember the commercial "Ask Tomei Corporation (former name of Token Corporation) about stores for rent"? We intensively ran this commercial in the Tokai area almost twenty years ago. I hear many people still remember it. Our company was small at that time and the expense for the commercial was quite a burden for us. However, I was conscious about the importance of advertising through my personal experiences as a salesperson so prioritized advertising strategy.

Construction companies do not have sample products so customers have to contract work based on a company's reliability and image. To receive more orders, increasing consumer awareness through commercials is effective.

Our company also focuses on sponsoring events. The most well-known event held by us is the JAPAN Golf Tour opening tournament "Token Home Mate Cup." The fourteenth tournament was held this year and many people now recognize that the male Japan professional golf tour starts with the Token Cup.
From the beginning, the tournament has been free for children up to 15 years old, seniors 65 and over, and students. This year, there was free admission to two days of qualifying rounds so more people could enjoy watching professional golf.
Based on the principle "Corporations should contribute to society as one of its members," I would like to contribute to various sports and cultural projects and run events that help Token to become more well-known.



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