Management vision
Examples of hardware to be developed are rental condominiums that meet the needs of the elderly. Sections such as the Business Management Headquarters and Designing Division survey, research, and develop lease buildings with new added features. Software is mainly developed by the Information System Division. The division develops new systems to promote networking of the rental property business as well as systems, application software, and equipment used to control information concerning finding tenants. Both management planning and product development are important for our company's future. Employees in charge of these tasks are not necessarily selected for their achievement or experience. Experience sometimes hinders the development of new ideas. It is necessary to create new values from new viewpoints instead of following established ideas. For this reason, these sections consist of project teams with various types of personnel, for example a person with excellent knowledge about multimedia but with no knowledge about the land utilization business, a young person who just graduated from college, a person who came from a different industry, and multimedia expert with sales experience in land utilization. In our company, these employees along with others at the forefront of land utilization are working hard together for our future.




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