Action policies

I believe that one of the goals of any company is to create an environment in which capable personnel can fully realize their abilities. We still need to improve on some things such as job content and the treatment and promotion of employees. As the permanent employment system collapses and the annual salary system attracts more attention, companies must quickly make improvements to their own systems. Since its establishment, our company has used a system where the capacity and effort of each employee are directly related to their treatment and position. Employees are evaluated based on their achieved results and fulfilled responsibilities instead of the number of years they have worked. This system has been highly evaluated and also criticized by many people. However, as times change, it is becoming more and more recognized as being beneficial for our employees and organization.

The combined capacity of all employees is the driving force that allows a company to grow. I believe that it is important for an organization to have a system that can bring out its employees abilities. Our company will continue to promote the establishment of fair evaluation standards and create an environment that can allow our employees to work on what they want to work on.



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