Token Group has grown so much and will continue to grow in the future.

Since its establishment in 1974, Token Corporation has pursued growth in mainly residential leasing/ rental property-related construction and real estate businesses based on a corporate philosophy of a "harmonious coexistence of land, building, and people."
Utilizing its Bridge System, a Token-developed business model that goes beyond the usual boundaries of construction companies, the Company provides its customers with total support service, including leasing and property management.

Token demonstrates strong originality in the rental property construction market, a business field in tune with the times, and is responding to the diversifying needs of the residential leasing/rental property market.
The Company's steady growth started with its IPO(initial public offering)on JASDAQ in 1997,folllowed by listings on the second sections of the Tokyo and Nagoya stock exchanges in 2002.Token moved up to the first sections of both stock exchanges in 2003.
Following a management strategy that takes full advantage of its Bridge System, the Company intends to utilize information technology(IT)and other leading-edge technologies to pursue further business development.



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