Financial and insurance services

We assist landowners' future plans with our financing business that includes loans and insurance business including property and life insurance.

One of the most noticeable recent changes in Japan's economy is the growing reluctance of financial institutions to offer loan funding. This credit crunch has extended even to borrowers in a healthy financial position with considerable future potential. Policies of banks and other lending institutions are hindering investor's ability to make the best use of borrowed funds to utilize land.

To respond to this trend, we established Token Lease Fund Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary for financing in 1999. This is because we felt that promoting construction of high-quality lease properties was one of our missions. The purpose of establishing this company was to smoothly manage funding for landowners wishing to build lease properties such as apartments, condominiums, and stores on their land.
Token Lease Fund Co., Ltd. lends funds for constructing and renovating lease properties and sells non-life and life insurance policies in order to assist landowners' plans for the future.

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