Building materials and fixtures

We pursue the highest quality and lowest price by establishing unique purchasing and distribution systems. We sell quality building materials and equipment at reasonable prices.

Token Corporation used to depend upon building material manufacturers and wholesale dealers to procure building materials and equipment for our condominiums, apartments, and stores for lease.
However,by depending on this method,we were unable to obtain high quality products at good prices because of significant changes in market conditions and the economic situation in Japan.

For these reasons, we established a wholly owned subsidiary to manufacture building materials called Token Leava Co., Ltd. We are currently working to develop an effective purchasing system to supply high quality and cost competitive building materials, housing equipment, and furniture.
Token Leava Co., Ltd. is also looking overseas to make changes in sourcing and distribution channels as well as systems to purchase materials and parts at a lower cost by eliminating intermediate expenses.
Token Leava Co., Ltd. has a proven track record in producing its own original products. We will continue to develop value-added products utilizing our extensive knowledge.

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