We design comfortable, high-quality housing that satisfy customers and meet their requirements using our unique construction technology.

The Housing Division offers custom design homes and high-quality standard housing.
Housing needs are diversifying and becoming increasingly individualized. We provide a comprehensive consulting service for all aspects of home construction: planning, financing, basic blueprints, the completion of various formalities and procedures, design, interior coordinating, construction, and maintenance, not only for individual housing but also for dual and multipurpose housing in accordance with the needs and requirements of each of our clients.

Three-story homes are becoming more popular in towns and cities recently. Token has quickly responded to this trend and provided a number of medium and high-rise housing.
We also display model homes at housing exhibitions to introduce our homes to the public. In these exhibitions, we propose housing and lifestyles for the next generation.
We offer property owners systems to manage their own homes and properties for business (rental condominiums) for more efficient use of urban land.

1. European House



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