Renovation is an important part of managing buildings for lease. Token provides follow-up services to always keep customers' buildings in their best condition.

"Home" and "Comfort" are indispensable elements of everyday life. However, they tend to change as time passes.
After years of use, a home begins to wear here and there, especially its walls, bathrooms and kitchen.
A family's lifestyle also changes as children grow up, marry, and have their own children. It is only natural that homeowners want to make their home a more pleasant place to live and meet the needs of their current lifestyle and stage in life.

Token Corporation's Renovation Division was established to respond to these needs. Based on years of experience as a construction company, we now carry out remodeling and renovations of homes in addition to developing condominiums, apartments, and commercial buildings for lease.
Renovations are a good investment because they help rental properties to restore and maintain their market value. They also help to increase rental income and the occupancy rate of the building. Token Group companies are effectively responding to the needs of the growing renovation market.



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